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Starting an IT Company in Belgium

Starting an IT Company in Belgium

The ICT sector in Belgium

The information and communication technology (ICT) sector in Belgium is important to the country’s economy and recent developments have made the country even more competitive on the worldwide ICT market. As a European business hub, Belgium is receiving numerous investments in the IT area and many investors open companies in this business sector.

All three regions in Belgium are very active on the ICT market and it is up to the investor to choose where to locate the new company. The expansion of the IT market has also made this business sector an important employer in Belgium. The demand for workforce is directly proportional to the rapid growth in the sector and there are many companies recruiting in Belgium to staff their IT business.

The consultants at our Belgian law firm can tell you more about the background and current state of the IT market in Belgium. Our experts are able to give you the proper advice for starting and managing a company in this business sector.

Belgian IT companies

An IT company in Belgium can provide numerous services and most companies focus on a series of services like software development, software testing, business analysis, project management, IT tools implementation, hardware and software solutions and IT governance.

A successful IT company in Belgium will offer integrated solutions and adapt to the client’s needs. Some IT companies also offer consulting services and can expand their services to neighboring countries in the Benelux region.

Open a company in Belgium

Belgian IT company will start as any other type of company: by choosing the right business form. Our law firm in Belgium is experienced in working with start-ups and our agents can guide you through the company incorporation procedure. We can help you from the earliest stages like when you have to prepare the company’s articles of incorporation.

Our representatives will help you comply with the taxation in Belgium and we can also offer you solutions for company management.

IT companies will need to comply with the Belgian taxes, as well as the general accounting and audit principles for the annual submission of the financial statements. Our Belgian accountants offer complete bookkeeping solutions, tax filing and submission, the preparation of the annual financial statements, as well as other services related to financial analysis and reports, as needed. We assist both small companies and large businesses. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our Belgian law firm if you want to invest in Belgium are are looking for more information about business opportunities.