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Law Firm in Belgium

Our team of lawyers in Belgium can assist clients in different legal matters, from complete assistance for company formation to litigation or tax advice and planning. Regardless of the chosen sector, businesses can benefit from a productive and good start by taking advantage of the services provided by our law firm. At our firm, we offer advice that is both strategic and focused on the actual needs of the company. Together with our team, investors in Belgium can grow their business knowing that it will be in full compliance with the ongoing regulations. Between them, our team members have extensive experience in many practice areas and can help local and foreign company owners. If you are looking for an experienced lawyer in Belgium, you can rely on our legal team.

Services offered by our lawyers in Belgium

Our law firm in Belgium can assist and represent clients in both business and corporate issues, in the form of consulting in various cases, and conflict resolution (litigation) by providing services at the highest European quality standards.

Our Belgian lawyers can offer a full range of legal services, and are always ready to give advice and to support litigation cases in Belgium. Our clients can be assured they will benefit from specialized consultancy since our lawyers in Belgium have an extended experience in terms of commercial or civil disputes, in contentious administrative and constitutional litigation, labor disputes, bankruptcy and company liquidation procedures in this country. 

The list below describes the main services we offer in Belgian cities like Brussels, Antwerp, and others. Please remember that these are just some of our services. Our team can offer personalized solutions to issues that may include several areas of expertise. The following general services are available to our clients in Belgium:

  • Litigation: corporate and business litigation is one of the main areas of expertise in our company and our lawyers have an extensive case background.
  • Complete assistance for company formation: with our help, local and foreign investors will find it easier to open a company in Belgium. What’s more, working with us will mean that foreign investors will need to shorten the time needed to be present in the country during the incorporation. 
  • Complete assistance for company liquidation: closing a company involves several steps and can be a daunting task for an investor. Our lawyers are here to help you during this phase.
  • Tax advice and planning: compliance with the taxation law in Belgium is of interest both to entrepreneurs who open a company and for expats who work here. Find out complete information about the relevant laws from our experts.

In addition to the aforementioned services, we also offer complete tax reporting solutions through out partner accountants in Belgium. When working with our team you have access to complete solutions for bookkeeping, annual reporting, tax optimization and tax compliance, tax filing as well as tax payment and payroll solutions for compliance with your requirement as an employer.

Our goal is to provide legal services with seriousness and professionalism and therefore our clients’ positive results reserve us a top position in the Belgium legal market. Our lawyers’ knowledge and experience and their motivation, team spirit and desire to obtain suitable solutions create our identity and recommend us as our clients’ first option when it comes to legal consultancy.

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by
our lawyers in Belgium

Breach of contract, shareholder and director disputes, employment issues, competition law, real estate, cross-border disputes

Company formation in 

Complete assistance offered by our lawyers in Belgium throughout all of the company incorporation, registration and licensing phases
Banking Corporate funding, security, banking law compliance, assistance for companies in the banking and financial sector in terms of regulatory compliance

Assistance for drawing up employment agreements, in case of dismissals or personnel transfers, hiring foreign employees
in Belgium

International investments
in Belgium
Mergers and acquisitions, franchising, branch incorporation in Belgium, complete legal assistance for foreign companies entering the Belgian market
Tax matters 

Assistance for tax compliance and tax structuring as well as in case of tax disputes issues that may arise in case of domestic or cross-border transactions


Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, voluntary liquidation, filing for bankruptcy, insolvency litigation

Intellectual property Trademark registration and opposition in Belgium, copyright, patents and designs, contentious and non-contentious IP cases, international IP protection
Debt recovery services offered by our lawyers in Belgium Amicable debt recovery, negotiation for debt collection purposes, debtor and creditor representation as needed
Real estate issues Construction law, legal assistance for national and foreign real estate developers, commercial and residential sale
and purchase
Residential conveyancing Assistance for individuals who wish to purchase or sell residential property in a Belgian city; assistance for foreign nationals who wish to buy/sell residential property
Individual employment Workplace discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination, improper workers compensation and more
Civil litigation  Complete legal assistance and representation in all types of civil disputes, including but not limited to property issues, medical or personal injury negligence, custody
Divorce and family law Divorce and the division of assets, child custody and maintenance, adoption, domestic violence claims, inheritance and wills
Immigration services
in Belgium
Visa application assistance, residence permit application and renewal, information on citizenship applications through naturalization, assistance for foreign nationals married to a Belgian citizen
 Criminal law Legal assistance and representation in felony cases, misdemeanour, theft, fraud, embezzlement, and other types of crimes. 


 When your injury was caused by a third party our team of lawyers in Belgium will help you obtain rightful compensation.

 Work accidents

 If you suffered a work-related injury, discussing it with our team will help you understand your rights and your options to have the related expenses compensated for by your employer.

Medical negligence   Assistance in cases involving surgical errors, misdiagnosis, wrong medication, or wrongful death.
 Drink driving

Our team will help you understand the provisions of the drink driving laws and what you can do if your licence is confiscated. 

 Foreign national employment issues

If you are an expat working in Belgium, we can help you understand your rights; you can also reach out to us if you were subject to workplace discrimination based on ethnicity. 


Our team will help you draw up your will so that you can control how your estate will be distributed. 

 Estate planning

With our help you can find various ways in which you can consider how your estate will be distributed; we also answer questions about the taxation of inheritance. 

 Environmental Law

Assistance with the applicable provisions of the environmental code in your area of residence (according to region). 

 Maritime Law Legal assistance in cases involving the Belgian Maritime Code (issues such as ship status, shipmasters, owning ships, inland navigation, ship arrest, and more). 
Mediation/alternative dispute resolution 

We can recommend arbitration or mediation as proper for your case so that you can reach a speedy resolution. 

Data protection 

Find out how the provisions of the GDPR apply to your business or what are your rights to data protection as a consumer. 

 Our team

 Belgian lawyers with extensive experience in all relevant areas of law.

 Reasons to work with us

Dedication and consideration for sensitive or complex cases. We are an English-speaking team specialized in working with international clients. 

 When to contact us  As soon as you determine that you are in need of legal assistance or representation.

Litigation services in Belgium

Litigation is one of our core specialties and our lawyers in Belgium treat each case with dedication and strive to find strategic solutions to existing disputes between parties. We activate in a number of national and international disputes that include issues related to banking, corporate, or tax disputes. With the help of our lawyers’ experience and knowledge our clients will obtain adequate results in any type of litigation in Belgium, no matter the Court that judges the case. Our professional skills will prove that no case is too complicated for our attorneys and they will manage to carry out any litigation case.

We handle any types of disputes, from those that are considered simpler ones to complex legal matters. Below, we highlight some of the areas commonly addressed by our team:

  • Commercial litigation: commercial disputes related to manufacturing, distribution, franchising or outsourcing; we also provide guidance regarding the Belgian Commercial Law.
  • Corporate litigation: we assist business owners who are involved in disputes concerning shareholders, company directors as well as those that arise in joint venture agreements or those as a result of non-performance liability. 
  • Insurance litigation: an area where our experts offer assistance in those cases that involve professional liability, construction liability or litigation on the part of the insured.
  • Competition litigation: helping companies claim damages if they have been subject to unfair competition.
  • Arbitration: an alternative dispute resolution method recommended by our lawyers in those cases when it would provide more benefits compared to court proceedings. 

Our practitioners are proactive and offer high-quality services. You can reach out to our team of attorneys in Belgium for more information on how we can assist in dispute resolution. 


Corporate law services offered by our law firm in Belgium

We advise investors in Belgium and help them prepare with the needed documents for company formation, cross-border company restructurings as well as mergers and acquisitions. As a law firm oriented towards serving clients who are interested in commercial and corporate issues, we provide all of the needed services not only for corporate law compliance as per the Belgian rules and regulations but also as per the EU rules for trading, competition, liability and other matters of interest. Our approach is one that focuses on the relevant local and international/EU laws as many businesses that open an office in Belgium are international ones and an inclusive legal approach is needed. 

Our team of attorneys in Belgium specializes in a wide array of areas that are connected to the corporate sector in an effort to provide services that are based on the recent developments in key areas of interest. Our services include advisory services for corporate clients in all matters regarding taxation, criminal law, antitrust, labor law, and financial regulatory issues. We advise clients on the most suitable practices as well as assist them when they wish to implement various compliance measures such as anti-money laundering measures. We can also provide details on the current GDPR regime as well as provide legal representation in criminal proceedings that may involve investment fraud or suspicion of tax fraud.

Company formation services in Belgium

Belgium is recognized as a fruitful place to open a company, mainly because of its stable political environment and good fiscal policy which constantly attract foreign investors. The procedure of opening a company in Belgium is not complicated, but a specialized lawyer’s advice and guidance will save a lot of any entrepreneur’s time and resources, leading him straight ahead to successful results. You should also take into account that a Belgianlawyer’s assistance in relation with the competent authorities will simplify the procedure, as he will definitely know exactly when and what steps to take. Our law firm is able to help you open and register any type of business in Belgium, from the Public Limited Company to Private Limited CompanyBelgian one-person Private Limited Company or Cooperative Company with Limited Liability. Businessmen who are thinking of starting a business in another country, for example in Portugal can be put in contact with our partner company formation firm.

Opening a holding company in Belgium may be an advantageous choice, as the economic climate permits this kind of business. An entrepreneur must first be aware that a holding company in Belgium must have at least 10% of a subsidiary’s shares or 2.5 million Euros from the company’s capital. There are also certain conditions which must be met and several phases which must be completed in order to establish this kind of company. In this sense, our lawyer in Belgium is able to offer all the needed information and further support to register a holding company here, offering the warranty for the best services and quality consulting in each step of the procedure. 

The video below is a summary of the quality legal services we provide to local and foreign investors in Belgium: 

Tax and debt collection services in Belgium

Any company must pay attention to tax compliance. Our law firm in Belgium provides full assistance by working with skillful accountants and any tax payments, VAT registration and even payroll services will pass in our responsibility. Our law firm will also evaluate your eligibility for double taxation avoidance and will put in balance the client’s advantages for applying to the references of this measure, as provided by the Double Taxation Treaties in Belgium.  Curious to know if your country of residence signed a double taxation treaty with Belgium? Try our instant tax calculator!

Debt collection has always been a tricky action, but working with our lawyers in Belgium ensures that this procedure will provide equitable solutions. Our attorneys will guide the clients through the entire procedure and they will represent them in the most professional manner in relation with the other party, third parties, and competent authorities. They will also ensure the client’s full representation before the Court. Fortunately, our clients will no longer have to worry about the demand letters, the negotiations which must be held or about the lawsuit as they will let our lawyers work in their interest. Investors who deal with debt recovery in another country, for example in Norway, can put their trust in our Norwegian partners who have extensive experience in recovering outstanding debts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps of business litigation cases in Belgium?

Litigation proceedings in Belgium will usually start with a summons. The defendant is notified that legal action has been initiated against him. A lawyer in Belgium will handle the legal proceedings once the case is brought to court. Alternatively, the parties can start with a negotiation phase and move to court if they cannot agree upon a solution.

What are the most important legal aspects I should know about company formation in Belgium?

If you are a foreign investor who wants to open a company in Belgium you are entitled to full company ownership and have no restrictions regarding nationality. 

What are the basic legal requirements for foreign investors wanting to invest in Belgium?

All companies in Belgium, including non-resident companies set up by foreign investors must be incorporated according to law and must be registered with the relevant Belgian authorities. 

Will I need special permits or licenses for my new company in Belgium?

Yes. Businesses like restaurants, construction businesses or import and export businesses will need to obtain additional permits and licenses according to their type of activity. 

What is the procedure of debt collection in Belgium?

Debt collection in Belgium starts with a reminder letter sent to the debtor. During the initial phase, the claimant can try to contact the debtor and negotiate so that the debts are fully paid. If the process has no result, then the case can be brought to court and the debtor will be forced to pay any outstanding debts.

Do I need a visa to enter Belgium? How can I obtain it?

Schengen visas apply for citizens of Schengen area member states (short stays of 90 days). For longer periods of time individuals must apply for a visa at a local Belgian consulate or embassy. The types of visas include those for tourists, for visits to family and friends, business trips, short traineeships or those for various cultural events.

What are the steps I must follow in order to obtain citizenship in Belgium?

Citizenship can be obtained through marriage, through naturalization or by opting for Belgian nationality (for individuals between 18 and 22 years of age). The individual applying for citizenship must meet several criteria like having lived uninterruptedly in Belgium for a number of years.

What are the requirements regarding employment in Belgium?

The employer and the employee must observe the provisions of the employment law for working hours, minimum wage, annual or sick leave and the notification period.

Are there any special requirements for marriage and/or divorce in Belgium? 

Divorce procedures are handled by attorneys in Belgium. Marriage is possible for foreign couples based on a few conditions and if the two have relevant documentation.

How are individuals and companies taxed in Belgium?

Belgium imposes a corporate income tax of 33.99%. A transfer tax, real property tax and social security taxes also apply. Individuals are taxed on their employment income or income from other sources, like rentals.

Foreign investments in Belgium

Foreign entrepreneurs can rely on all of the services described herein when deciding to open a company in Belgium. Our full-service practice works with clients from various countries, including but not limited to neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, France or Germany and also investors from many other countries.  A lawyer from our legal team can assist foreign investors through the entire company formation procedure.

Our personalized services are suited to the type of chosen company as well as the business field in which they invest. Every business project is a unique one and our team of lawyers in Belgium is able to provide the needed assistance from the very first stages of the investment. We offer company formation services for foreign investors as well as tax consultancy and many others, as needed. 

Belgium is a country with a highly international character due to its multicultural population, history and geographical location. It is a very open and attractive country for foreign investors since both the federal and regional authorities are happy to advise and support all entrepreneurs and their businesses. Belgium also offers a variety of pro-business tax incentives and is worldwide renowned for providing a highly productive, skilled and multilingual workforce. It is a very modern country with a highly developed infrastructure and an excellent standard of living. All the above make Belgium a perfect destination for foreign investors

Foreign direct investments (FDI) in Belgium have remained high, as highlighted by the following figures:

  • – FDI inward flow in 2018: 4,873 million USD;
  • – main investing country: the Netherlands, with a 27.6% investment percentage in 2017;
  • – main investment sector: manufacturing, which had an investment percentage of 27.4% in 2017.

Other investment fields of interest include financial and insurance activities, scientific, technical and professional activities, wholesale and retail, administrative and support service activities and others.

If you need a lawyer in Belgium, contact our law firm and ask for a personalized consultancy in order to see what we can do for you or your business.

Foreigners interested in moving to other countries in Europe, for example in the Netherlands, are invited to contact our Dutch partners for complete guidance.