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Starting a Recruitment Company in Belgium

Starting a Recruitment Company in Belgium

Recruitment services in Belgium

Recruitment companies in Belgium have the task of placing the right candidate at the right job. Recruiters can act exclusively on the Belgian market and even focus on the markets in one of the three regions on the country: Flemish, Walloon or the Brussels Capital Region.

Belgian recruitment companies can offer general services, for all types of jobs and business sectors in the country, or they can focus on working for client companies that activate in just some areas, like accounting and finance, information technology or banking services.

The experts at our Belgian law firm can help you open a company in Belgium and establish your presence on the Belgian market.

Hiring employees in Belgium

Recruitment companies in Belgium provide a large range of services and they can work both for the employee as well as the employer. For a future employee in Belgium, recruiters can provide professional career advice, tips and tricks for a successful interview and counselling in all the essential aspects of career planning. For the employer, recruitment companies in Belgium can help find the right candidate for the available position.

recruitment company can be established as a limited liability company or another type of Belgian company. Experienced recruiters who want to establish their own business but do not want to set up a legal entity can choose to work establish a sole trader. Our law firm in Belgium can tell you more about the relevant differences between these business forms and help you understand their characteristic.

Our accountants in Belgium can provide investors with complete information about the accounting principles and standards that apply to companies in all business fields, including those that offer recruitment services. With our help, companies observe the annual filing deadlines for the annual financial statements, as well as the tax filing submissions. We also offer accounting services for large, listed companies.

The employment law in Belgium

Any employer in Belgium will have to observe the basic regulations contained in the employment law and grant their employees certain rights and benefits. An employment contract is an essential document that certifies the relationship between the employer and the employee.

If you are interested in more information about opening a business in Belgium, our lawyers can answer your questions. We can help you invest in Belgium if you are a foreign entrepreneur. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our Belgian law firm if you have any inquiries.