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Special Permits and Licenses in Belgium

Special Permits and Licenses in Belgium

Authorizations for doing business in Belgium

Some businesses in Belgium can only function if they are granted a special permit o license. This applies for a number of activities and occupations and entrepreneurs should always check if their business requires such special approvalsSpecial authorizations for doing business in Belgium can be obtained from the relevant authorities, after submitting a request. 

The consultants at our law firm in Belgium can tell you if your Belgian company needs a license, permit or certificate in order to function and conduct specific business activities. 

The following video summarizes the necessary permits and licenses for doing business in Belgium:

Regulated activities in Belgium

Taxi operators and travel agencies in Belgium are among the occupations that require special authorizations. Entrepreneurs who want to open any kind of establishment that deals with foodstuffs need to apply for a license from the Foodstuffs Inspection Department belonging to the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain. This applies for:

  • – restaurants, cafes, and hotels;
  • – school cafeterias;
  • – company canteens; 
  • – other establishments that commercialize foodstuffs, like bookstores and services stations (if applicable).

Private employment agencies, as well as any business operating in the social economy sector, need to obtain a license and/or an accreditation. Businesses operating in fields like the urban planning and environment also need permits. Any construction work, demolition, renovation, conversion or change of use of a building or house in Belgium requires a planning permission.

A new company in Belgium will have to comply with special environmental regulations and will have to obtain an environmental permit. Any export or import activities for arms and dual-use goods and technologies need a special approval. 

For a complete list of the regulated activities in Belgium, please contact our Belgian law firm.

How to obtain a license or permit in Belgium

Entrepreneurs who want to obtain the necessary special permits and licenses for doing business in Belgium need to contact the relevant authorities. When dealing with foodstuffs, entrepreneurs must obtain a license from the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain by submitting an application. They must also comply with the existing hygiene standards and pay a fee for the license. For these types of activities, the license is issued for a period of three years.

Trading requirements also apply in Belgium, especially for economic operators that trade within the EU. The EORI number is required in this case. One of our lawyers can provide more details.

We can help you obtain any and all necessary licenses, certificates and permits for your business. Our law firm in Belgium specializes in a wide range of legal issues and can offer you various legal services