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Legal Services in Belgium

Legal Services in Belgium

Our law firm in Belgium offers complete legal solutions to foreign companies established on the Belgian market as well as locally incorporated businesses. Our team has represented clients from all business fields in matters like litigation and arbitration but also in regulatory matters as well as transactional issues.

We strive to provide quality, tailored services, suited to the needs of our clients who wish to obtain the most suitable, cost and time-effective legal solutions. Having proper legal aid in Belgium is important for all entrepreneurs and company owners, be it for a new project or company, for signing contracts and building corporate relations or for investments.

We assist our clients with a wide array of legal solutions, starting with litigation representation in various disputes or legal counsel in a structured manner.

Some of our most important services are the following:

  • Litigation: dispute resolution, one of our key focus areas; includes resolving legal disputes through negotiation, arbitration and litigation.
  • Corporate: our corporate and commercial division handles a wide array of cases involving the set up and the management of businesses.
  • Intellectual Property: our specialized lawyers in Belgium can assist clients who are in need of legal counseling for matters related to patent, trademark or design disputes.
  • Employment: a specialized team assists clients who are in need of services related to labor laws.
  • Regulatory: included here are legal services related to counseling for EU regulatory regimes as well as those applicable at a national level.
  • Competition: our experienced lawyers can advise regarding the EU and the Belgian competition law;
  • Debt collection: complete support for debt recovery in Belgium.

These are just some of the legal services offered by our team. In our practice, we treat each case with due diligence and consideration, paying attention to the particularities of the legal dispute as well as the needs of our clients who request specialized legal counsel.

Below, we detail some of the services we offer that were already mentioned in the list above. Clients can always reach out to our attorneys in Belgium for detailed information about our services as well as to schedule an initial counseling session. 

Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Our Lawyers will be able to represent you throughout all the stages of litigation in Belgium. Our team has experience in dispute resolution in a number of key areas for doing business and investing in the country, among which we can mention corporate law, tax issues, construction issues, trade disputes, cross-border litigation, and others. We also counsel clients in cases related to intellectual property and contract law.

Our experience help guarantees a client-oriented approach, where we treat each case with consideration for the business and for disrupting it as little as possible during the negotiations or the litigation procedures. We also advise our clients on the use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation, when this is a valid option.

Formation of Belgian Companies

Another one of our core services is related to the incorporation of Belgian companies in complete compliance with the ongoing laws and regulations. We provide legal Assistance and Representation for the formation of BVBA/SPRL and NV/SA companies. Businessmen interested in starting a business in Belgium should know that our offer also includes services related to company formation such as company domiciliation, accounting services, and others.

The list below includes some of the main company formation services:

  1. Choosing the company type: our team of lawyers in Belgium assists investors in choosing the appropriate business form.
  2. Preparing the company documents: we can provide complete services for drawing up the Articles of Association for the company.
  3. Representation: through a power of attorney, one of our agents can handle several of the submissions required to incorporate a company.
  4. Registration: we can assist investors during the actual company registration procedure with the Belgian Business register.

Establishment of Subsidiaries and/or Branches in Belgium

We also offer legal services in Belgium related to the set up of Belgian legal entities with or without independent legal personality: Belgian subsidiaries and branches.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Belgium

Our team of lawyers in Belgium offers legal services for company mergers and acquisitions, purchase of shares in existing Belgian companies as well as corporate restructuring on the Belgian market. We advise our clients on suitable processes and provide legal counseling on the laws governing the merger or takeover.

Special Permits or Licenses for Company Activities

Assistance obtaining permits and licenses needed in order to conduct business activities in Belgium. This relates to permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire a Belgian national and others.

Liquidation and Dissolution of Belgium Companies

Our Belgian lawyers and accountants provide legal assistance related to the dissolution and liquidation of Belgium companies as well as bankruptcy procedures. Specialized legal aid may be needed during this process, especially by foreign investors who cannot be present in the country during the entire procedure.

Tax Advice and Tax Planning

Advice on Belgian taxation methods and on legal minimization of taxes.

Belgium is a preferred investment destination in Europe because of its favorable geographical position and the facilities for investors. The following statistic offers a glimpse on the business climate:

  • foreign direct investment increased in Belgium by 15,323 million EUR in the fourth quarter of 2018.
  • the reported company turnover in the first quarter of 2019 was 328 billion euros, an increase compared to the same period in 2018 (excluding the agricultural and financial sectors).
  • exports had a value of 396 billion USD in 2016.

Our accountants in Belgium assist clients with services concerning bookkeeping and annual reporting, as well as tax advice and tax planning. Information about the available double tax treaties signed by Belgium, as well as the taxation of branches is also available upon request from our team. For a complete list of accounting services, please reach out to our team.

Our Belgian law firm has a client-oriented approach, one in which we strive to present a suitable approach to solving legal issues, one that will suit both the business and the budget needs. Contact our team for more details about the legal services we provide for companies and investors in Belgium.