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Obtain Information About Belgian Companies

Obtain Information About Belgian Companies

Public information about Belgian companies

Foreign investors in Belgium who register a new company must provide some public information about their company. This information can be accessed online, the information is kept up to date and any interested persons can access the public Belgian business register. 

Our law firm in Belgium offers various services for companies. You can contact us if you need help reserving a company name in Belgium and need to access information regarding existing companies and names.

The Belgian business register

All companies in Belgium must be registered at the Belgian business register. This platform contains information about all the active businesses in Belgium and is used as a reference register whenever someone is searching for information about Belgian companies.

The Belgian business register is also known as the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (BCE/KBO) and it contains comprehensive identification details related to businesses in Belgium and their establishment units. It also contains data from the Belgian Trade Register, such as VAT information. The online platform is updated and administered by the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy.

The online platform allows individuals to perform a public search for data on businesses that are actively carrying out their activities. The public search offers the option to search for a natural person or a legal person in Belgium. Natural persons include craftspeople and sole traders in Belgium who are liable for VAT. Legal persons include businesses in Belgium who have legal personality. This includes, for example, Belgian joint-stock companies.

Our Belgian lawyers can assist you in any matter regarding the Belgian business register.

Information provided by the Belgian business register

Individuals who want to obtain information about existing companies in Belgium have access to a number of public data, including:

– details about the business: business name, business number, address and legal form, contact details, number of units of establishment, information about the activity performed by the company;

– details about a unit of establishment: its number, name and address as well as the activities it performs, along with identification details.

The search tool allows for three search methods: using the business number, using the name of the company or using the name combined with other details like the postal code or business type. 

Information about Belgian economic operators registered for EORI purposes is available in a special database.

Please contact our law firm in Belgium for further details about doing business in Belgium