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Types of Fintech Activities in Belgium

Types of Fintech Activities in Belgium

The types of fintech activities in Belgium are diverse, ranging from payment services to insurance, accountancy or business solutions.

Mostfintech companies are located in Brussels, however other cities in the country are suitable hubs for these types of activities. Examples include Antwerp, Liege or Ghent.

One of our Belgian lawyers can help you open a company in any of these cities and start your business activities as fast as possible after the incorporation procedure is complete.

Some of the most important types of fintech activities in Belgium are highlighted in the following video:

Fintech fields in Belgium

Financial technology companies provide solutions for an entire host of issues. One of the most outspread types of fintech activities in Belgium is the niche that focuses on payment solutions. This is partly due to an ongoing effort made by financial services organizations to increase the customer experience in the country. Many fintech companies that develop these types of technologies focus on the B2B (business-to-business) market and less on the B2C (business-to-consumer) one.

Some examples of fintech activities in Belgium include:

– cash flow management systems;

– voucher and gift card digitization solutions;

– invoicing and payment solutions;

– automatic payments and foreign currency payments;

mobile payment solutions;

– software and various solutions for accountants;

business expenses processing;

– business solutions for investment advice.

The experts at our law firm in Belgium can give you particular information about these sub-sectors and how they are regulated.

Opening a fintech company in Belgium

An important advantage forfintech startups in Belgium is the location of the country, which is very permitting for finding clients from neighboring countries.

Investors in Belgium should follow a few key steps for company formation, starting with choosing a suitable type of company, drawing up the articles of Incorporation, opening a bank account and depositing the minimum share capital and registering the company with the Crossroad bank for Companies.

Our attorneys in Belgium can help you during all or any particular step needed for company formation. Contact us for complete legal services for all types of companies in Belgium.