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The Automotive Sector in Belgium

The Automotive Sector in Belgium

Automotive assembly in Belgium

Belgium has a long and strong history in the vehicle production market. Production plants are located throughout the country and important manufacturers choose to open their headquarters in Brussels, an ideal location for international businesses. The most important companies that have opened production plants in Belgium are: Opel in Antwerp, Ford in Genk, Audi in the Brussels Region, Volvo in Ghent and others. Another automotive giant, Toyota, has chosen to open its European headquarters in Brussels.

The production figures in the Belgian automotive sector are impressive. If you want to invest in this business sector, our attorneys in Belgium can tell you all about the multiple benefits this business sector has to offer.

Vehicle production in Belgium

Belgium mainly manufactures vehicles for the export market. The types of vehicles fabricated in Belgium include private cars, vehicles for transporting people or goods, utility vehicles and coaches. Assembly plants in Belgium are also an important employer. Belgium enjoys a skilled and qualified workforce and many Belgians, as well as foreign employees work in the automotive sector.

Investing in the automotive sector

The automotive industry in Belgium has been going through changes in recent years. As an important economic sector, innovation is important and the sector is looking to implementing different technological measures, such as using higher technologies, hybrid technologies and new materials. Investments in the automotive sector in Belgium could be well targeted not only in the actual production lines but also in their modernization. 

Belgium is an attractive location for car manufacturers not only because it has a highly trained and efficient workforce in the field but also because it is easy to export any vehicles fabricated in Belgium. The port of Antwerp and other Belgian ports allow car manufacturers to enjoy an effective distribution network. 

The Flanders region is an important location for automotive producers and the region has several attractive tax schemes and incentives for manufacturers that invest in research and development projects in this sector.

For more information about the Belgian automotive sector, investment and incentives schemes, please contact our Belgian law firm.