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Taxation of Foreign Companies

Taxation of Foreign Companies

Taxation regime for foreign companies

Foreign companies in Belgium are taxed on their trading profits and capital gains using the same taxation method that would apply to Belgian resident companies. A legal entity is a resident in Belgium if its main registered office or management office is located in Belgium. Our law firm in Belgium can provide complete company incorporation services if you decide to open a company here or establish the office of a foreign company.

Tax rate for foreign companies in Belgium

The corporate tax rate in Belgium applies for the worldwide income of the company. This also applies for branches or subsidiaries of foreign companies that are taxed on their foreign source income. The Belgian income source of a non-resident company is subject to the non-resident income tax. Special provisions apply for non-resident companies without a taxable permanent establishment in Belgium. Under Belgian law, these companies are subject to any tax treaties concluded between Belgium and the country of residence where foreign the company is incorporated.

The general corporate tax rate in Belgium is set at 33.99%. Small and medium sized enterprises in Belgium, which have an income of less than 322,500 EUR, are subject to a reduced corporate tax rate if they can satisfy certain conditions. 

Our experts at our Belgian law firm can give you more details about other Belgian taxes, like the dividend tax or the VAT rate for companies that perform trade activities. 

Other taxes in Belgium

Company owners in Belgium who want to hire foreign personnel should consider the legal provisions for the taxation of individuals. Non-residents living and working in Belgium are subject to personal income tax only on their Belgian income source. The professional income and the property income, for properties located in Belgium, fall under this category. Individuals who work in executive positions in Belgium and are on a temporary assignment in the country may be taxed according to the special expatriate regime.

Foreign companies in Belgium can rely on the solutions provided by our local Belgian accountants. Our packages are tailored according to business type and size, as well as the number of employees. We take into account the specific needs of the company and offer solutions accordingly. With our help, companies remain fully compliant and meet the requirements for annual accounting submissions.

Belgium has signed more than 90 tax treaties with other countries. Please contact our law firm in Belgium to find out how you can benefit from double taxation treaties and how the legislation for foreign investors influences foreign companies in Belgium.