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Start a Franchise Business in Belgium

Start a Franchise Business in Belgium

The decision to start a franchise business in Belgium can be an especially advantageous one for an investor who wishes to run his own business, at the same time having access to a tested business model.

Franchising is a business concept that allows for a franchisor to sell the business rights to another party, the franchisee, who will thus acquire ownership rights and expand the business. The franchisor will provide the needed information, know-how and training so that the franchisee can open a successful business in another location.

Our Belgian law firm can assist all investors looking to explore the various franchising opportunities in the country. 

We also invite you to watch a short video about opening a franchise in Belgium

If you are interested in starting a new company, our team is also able to assist you during the steps for starting a business in Belgium.

Franchise opportunities in Belgium

The benefits of buying a franchise are not only limited to having access to a functional business model. They are also given by the large array of business fields in which franchises are available for sale. 

Belgium’s geographical advantage, the fact that it is located at the hear of Europe, means that it is attractive for a number of businesses willing to expand their business concept. Examples of franchise opportunities in Belgium include:

– restaurant and café chains;

– wellness centers and beauty salons;

– sports centers;

– education or healthcare centers;

– senior care centers;

– entertainment facilities and others.

This wide range of opportunities is an advantage for investors looking to buy into an existing business, especially since franchises are priced differently, according to business field and additional expenses and permits needed for running the business. The total start-up costs will vary and one of our Belgian lawyers can help you estimate these, according to the chosen type of franchise. They can also give you more details about the main types of  taxes in Belgium and on how to comply with the fiscal system in this country.

Opening a franchise in Belgium

The entrepreneur who starts the franchise in Belgium is solely responsible for the incorporation of the legal entity and any liabilities. The foreign company, or the franchisor, will provide the business model and training when needed, however, it will not be involved in the incorporation of the franchise.

Our team of attorneys in Belgium can help you throughout the company formation process, starting with choosing the type of company and company name, followed by drafting the company documents and handling the company registration procedure.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Belgium for additional details on how to start a business and the franchise opportunities in Belgian cities.