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Sports Law in Belgium

Sports Law in Belgium

Sporting activities in Belgium are well represented across the country through many sports clubs. Some of the most popular sports in Belgium refer to football, cycling, tennis, swimming or basketball.  All activities referring to sports in Belgium are regulated by a set of rules, which prescribe the legal rights and obligations of various third parties involved in the field, such as athletes, trainers, trade unions and many others. Our team of Belgian lawyers can assist persons interested in the stipulations of the sports laws

Working in the Belgian sports industry  

Those who are interested in the sports industry in Belgium, such as natural persons who are seeking employment in the field or businessmen who want to establish a sport club or another type of business activity related to this are advised to study the main characteristics of the domain. However, it is important to know that in the last decade, the sports industry began to develop at a fast pace, due to a solid interested of the society in such activities. 

This field is offering working opportunities to both low-skilled persons, as well as for those with a high degree of specialization. An important aspect of the local industry is that a high percentage of women are hired in fitness and sport services. They are less represented in the sports clubsour team of Belgian attorneys can provide more details in this sense. 

Sports trade unions in Belgium 

Sports industry is organized under trade unions and employees associations. In this sense, the local legislation distinguishes between the following: 

• trade unions, part of the collective bargaining;

• trade unions, part of the European Union Federations;

• employer associations, part of the collective bargaining;

• business associations, part of the Business Federation. 

The main bodies regulating sports activities in Belgium are the Sports Ministry, alongside with the Belgian Olympic Committee or the Belgian Gaming Commission

Persons who need further information related to the sports legislation applicable in Belgium can address to our Belgian law firm, where they can receive assistance related to their inquiries.