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Resolve Employment Issues in Belgium

Resolve Employment Issues in Belgium

Employment law in Belgium consists of the regulations of the Belgian legislation concerning work and work conditions and it regards both employees and employers equally with the exception of independent contractors. Sometimes, in the labor environment, difficult situations arise which require careful consideration and clear regulations in order to be lawfully settled. In order to resolve employment issues in Belgium you might consider discussing with a lawyer who can inform you on the legal implications of your situation and help you find the most appropriate legal solution.

How difficult it is to resolve employment issues in Belgium

The employment issues are annoying but they can be overcome very easily with the appropriate legal guidance. There is a series of steps which must be pursued in order to make sure you will solve your issue concerning labor in Belgium. One of the first things to do is to determine the nature of the contractual relationship between the parties. If you are not sure or if you lack experience you might ask for advice from our Belgian law firm.

Another important step is to verify whether any of the laws concerning working hours or minimum wage have been broken, or to determine the gravity of the problem. It is not a strategy to try to overlook the issues because unwanted complications might arise.

If you intend to function on the Belgian market you might need to keep in mind several regional particularities concerning for example working hours and public holidays. The most frequent employment issues that might trouble your activity are usually not so complicated. Apart from the attendance issues, or conflict management, you might have as well questions regarding termination of employment, maternity leave, and other rights or obligations stipulated by the Belgian law. Our Belgian law firm can help you keep everything under control. 

Ways to resolve employment issues in Belgium 

There can be several equivalently effective strategies for solving the employment issues, but you must be able to evaluate the problem so that you can determine the best solution. You can as well call on a lawyer for a reliable evaluation. Usually, the employment issues can be solved by mediation, a legal solution which implies negotiation and discussions in the presence of a third party, the mediator.

In more difficult situations you might need to call on a more complex legal action such as arbitration or litigation. If you have to go through one of these legal actions you will need the support of someone who has a deep knowledge of the very complex labor legislation in Belgium. The arbitration means the problem will be handled by an arbitrator, outside the court, whose decision to settle the dispute will be accepted by both sides. If you will enter a litigation process our lawyers can represent you and handle every aspect implied by the action in court. They will do everything possible to obtain a result in favor of the client

You want to be as effective as possible when you intend to resolve an employment dispute in Belgium and this is why you might need to call on professional help and advice. You can rely our law firm in Belgium who can support you with its certified legal experience in employment and labor law. Feel free to contact our lawyers in Belgium for a rapid and trustworthy solution.