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Reserving a company name in Belgium

Reserving a company name in Belgium

Company identity in Belgium

Any company incorporated in Belgium needs to be registered with the Trade Register. At this stage, the investors must also choose and, if needed, reserve a company name in Belgium. The name of the future company is important: it will describe the company, make it memorable towards clients and, in time, gain prestige and recognition in the field.

Our lawyers in Belgium are ready to help you open a company in Belgium and advise you in any legal matter.

Company names in Belgium

According to Belgian Company law, there are no restrictions when choosing a company name. However, it is very important that the name does not resemble or copy other existing company names in the business sector. By making sure the name is as unique as possible, the company is protected from any trademark opposition claims and the customers can remember the company name without mistaking it for the name of a competing company.

The company name, and all the other important identification data for the company, is submitted at the Belgian Register of Companies (KBO/BCE). This electronic database allows entrepreneurs to register their business and allows other customers to search for certain companies.

Trading names or brand names should be registered to ensure that they are protected against infringement. Entrepreneurs can check if a business name already exists by making an application to the Trade Marks Office belonging to the Federal Public Department for the Economy, Small and Medium-sized Businesses, Small Traders and Energy. The registered names, brands and other specific items are protected according to the European trademark legislation.

Reserving te desired name for a Belgian company

New businesses may also want to check the availability of an online domain name for their business. This can be done online for Belgian domains ending in .be, .brussels or .vlaanderen. Entrepreneurs need to be careful when choosing a domain name and make sure that it is not too similar to any existing ones.

Choosing a company name and registering your new company are only the first steps when opening a business in Belgium. Our Belgian lawyers can help you register your company and provide further assistance for company management.

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