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Opening a Travel Agency in Belgium

Opening a Travel Agency in Belgium

Belgium as a travel destination

Belgium’s geographical location puts the country at the heart of Europe and at the crossroads between four very important countries: France, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands. Its multi-cultural character makes Belgium a very popular tourist attraction. The country has many beautiful cities and some very well preserved medieval towns. The two historic provinces and different ethnic groups in Belgium intertwine their traditions and uniqueness to give the visitor a memorable experience. 

Belgium is an excellent location for a travel agency because of its openness and accessibility: most of the West European capitals are only within approximately 1,000 kilometres of Brussels, the Belgian capital. If you are interested in opening a travel agency in Belgium, our Belgian law firm can assist you throughout the company incorporation procedure.

Travel agencies in Belgium

The travel industry is very well developed in Belgium and a key factor that contributes to the country’s accessibility is a very well established infrastructure and transportation network. Belgium is accessible through all means of transportation, either by bus, by plane, by ship or by car. Because the country is categorised as a small country, it is highly accessible from France or Germany.

Investors who want to open a travel agency in Belgium or offer independent travel consultancy services to tourists must be aware of the specific company regulations contained in the Belgian company law. Our attorneys in Belgium can help you with detailed information about the necessary special permits and licenses for opening different types of businesses in Belgium.

Services offered by Belgian travel agencies

The types of services offered by Belgian travel agencies include:

– transport services: arranging for different types of transportation throughout Belgium and its neighbouring countries, either by train, boar, car or plane;

– reservations for hotels and resorts;

– different cruises and special packages;

– personalized services and specific services: family travel, senior travel or corporate travel.

A travel agency in Belgium can offer domestic travel services or foreign travel services and if you need to know more details on other beautiful destinations, such as Greece or Spain, we invite you to check out our partners’ blog – Vreme de vacanta.

After choosing the types of services it is necessary to purchase or lease an office space in Belgium. Location is important and our Belgian lawyers can help you choose the best property in Belgium. Before registering your company in Belgium you may also want to consider reserving a company name. Our consultants can help you hire employees in Belgium once your travel agency is up and running.

We can assist you if you are interested in registering a trademark for your new travel agency.

If you want to open a travel agency in the land of chocolate and beer, please contact our Belgian lawyers for detailed information about the company incorporation procedure and different aspects of company management in Belgium.