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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Belgium

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Belgium

Advertising and marketing companies in Belgium provide various services, tailored to the needs of the client and for the purpose of increasing market presence and success, to allow for better branding and positioning.

Investors who open an advertising and marketing company in Belgium enter a mature business field, with potential for development and expansion to clients beyond Belgian borders.

The incorporation of a company can be performed with the help of our team of lawyers in Belgium, experts who can help you with all of the details related to opening a company, especially if this is a first-time investment in the country.

Advertising and marketing companies in Belgium

What do marketing and advertising agencies in Belgium have to offer? And what are the main services they provide to client companies? The list below highlights some of the services offered by these teams.

  1. Advertising: most companies will offer packages that include both traditional advertising in newspapers or commercials and online advertising in Belgium.
  2. Digital strategy: the company’s online presence is managed as per a certain growth strategy and suitable analytics; can also include content strategy.
  3. Website creation: although a more specialized service, some companies in Belgium will also provide website creation solutions.
  4. Branding: building a brand and market positioning is something many advertising and marketing companies in Belgium specialize in.

This list is not exhaustive and companies can choose to specialize in target niches, such as content strategy, movie, and 3D video as well as others.

Conditions for Belgian advertising and marketing companies 

This particular business field is not as regulated as other sectors, for example, manufacturing, however, it is advisable to seek legal counseling from our team of attorneys in order to make sure that your company is fully compliant with the Belgian law.

Advertising and marketing agencies are subject to corporate income tax on the profits they derive from the country as well as other taxes for companies. The annual accounting and reporting requirements can be lighter in case of branches in Belgium.

Contact our law firm for complete details on starting a business in Belgium and sector-specific requirements for companies.