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Open a Textile Manufacturing Company in Belgium

Open a Textile Manufacturing Company in Belgium

Belgium is a country that offers multiple opportunities for investments, all in a favorable location in Europe. The textile business is well represented in the Flanders region where investors have access to professional organizations in the field and even business incubators. 

Company formation in Belgium is a process that requires the completion of a few steps. Foreign investors who cannot be present in the country can accomplish some of these requirements through a power of attorney. 

One of the experts at our law firm in Belgium can answer your questions regarding foreign investments and the requirements for entrepreneurs. 

The textile industry in Belgium

Companies that operate in the Belgian textile industry can engage in various activities and/or specialize their activities according to a particular manufacturing step. Examples include textile manufacturing, retail and related activities, textile accessories manufacturing, textile fabric preparation, fabric design and others.

A number of projects and initiatives focus on developing smart textiles or testing and researching new materials. Companies in Belgium can work with one of the research and knowledge centers in the Flanders region, for example. Some of these centers engage in work that related to designing and creating new materials for various purpose, including home care or sports.

The textiles industry in Belgium offers many opportunities in various sub-sectors and fields. Foreign investments are welcomed in the country and one of our attorneys in Belgium can answer any questions related to the foreign investment law or the requirements for entrepreneurs. 

Opening a company in Belgium

Foreign-owned companies are treated in the same way as Belgian ones and are required to observe the applicable tax requirements and the accounting and reporting principles.

Tax incentives are available for companies that engage in research and development, which represents an opportunity for those Belgian textile companies that engage in the research for new products and materials. 

One of our lawyers in Belgium can give you detailed information on the Company Law, the Tax Code or the VAT Code. All companies in Belgium are required to register with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. 

You can contact our law firm in Belgium for more information on the requirements to open a company in the country.