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Open a Software Company in Belgium

Open a Software Company in Belgium

Belgium has a sophisticated and developed ICT and software sector. Investors who open a software company in Belgium have all the advantages of a welcoming business regime and the attractive positioning at the heart of Europe.

The experts at our Belgian law firm highlight the main aspects to take into consideration when deciding to invest in the software sector.

Opportunities for software companies in Belgium

The software industry is a developed one in Belgium and it is part of the large and well-represented Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

The country is open towards foreign and local investors alike and it is this economic openness, along with its excellent position in Europe, that makes it attractive for many foreign entrepreneurs in the software sector.

Belgium’s workforce, including in the ICT sector, is qualified and professional. Many foreign entrepreneurs from neighboring companies choose to come and work for Belgian companies. 

The software sector in Belgium covers a wide range of areas and companies operating in this field develop software that is sold both internally, on the Belgian market, and externally. Most of the companies in this business field have their headquarters located in Brussels, however, ICT and software clusters exist in all of the country’s main areas, Brussels Capital Region, Flanders, and Wallonia. One of our attorneys in Belgium can give you specific information about all of these regions. 

How to open a company in Belgium

Our Belgian lawyers can assist you during the incorporation of a software company in Brussels or another Belgian city. The first step is to decide on the type of company to set up: in this business field, the private limited liability company or the BVBA/SPRL is a preferred business form. Having a unique company name and a bank account in Belgium is important.

Our Belgian accountants offer complete solutions for software companies in the country. You can rely on our services as soon as you complete the incorporation process. We offer complete accounting assistance, bookkeeping, audit, payroll and employee payment processing, tax filing and payment, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports, and much more. Reach out to us for a personalized offer for your company.

You can rely on the assistance and services provided by our attorneys in Belgium if you are a foreign entrepreneur interested in starting a business in Belgium but cannot be present in the country at all times. 

Contact our law firm in Belgium for complete information about our services.