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Open a Rental and Leasing Company in Belgium

Open a Rental and Leasing Company in Belgium

What are the main conditions for opening a rental and leasing company in Belgium? 

rental and leasing company in Belgium offers services related to property management that can include, but are not limited to, services for renting and leasing Belgian properties, those for selling and buying property, rental management (lease obligations management and tenant relationship management), collecting and reporting data on rent, tenancy, vacancy, administrative procedures related to renting and leasing property.

In order to open such a company, investors must have a business plan that will also include their specializations and hire employees in Belgium who will be able to assist clients with real estate management services.

What are the steps for company formation in Belgium?

Investors interested in starting a business in Belgium follow a number of key steps, regardless of the industry in which the company will activate.

Our attorneys in Belgium detail the company formation steps below:

  • – choose the entity type: when opening a company investors can choose to form a private or a public limited liability company.
  • – prepare the company documents: the company’s bylaws and copies of the director’s identification documents are required.
  • – capital: opening a company in Belgium requires a minimum capital that must be deposited into a bank account.
  • – register: the registration is submitted to the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises together with the required application forms.

What are the laws on foreign investments in Belgium?

Belgium has a pro-foreign investment policy and foreign entrepreneurs who start a business enjoy the same tights in terms of company ownership. Investors who wish to start a property management company that offers rental and leasing services can do so without restrictions. 

How can a team of lawyers in Belgium help investors?

Our Belgian lawyers can help you throughout the company formation steps, can help you draft the company’s Articles of Association and make the necessary submissions. Moreover, we can help with legal services and legal counseling in Belgium.

Contact our Belgian law firm for detailed information about how to start a business.