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Open a Fintech Company in Belgium

Open a Fintech Company in Belgium

Belgium-based fintech companies offer their solutions to a wide range of financial institutions. Investors who open a fintech company in Belgium have access to a developed and innovative market, with an important potential to expand their services not only to local Belgian clients but also to international ones.

Our Belgian lawyers can help you if you want to set up a business in the fintech industry and are in need of legal advice or assistance for company formation. 

Fintech businesses in Belgium

The fintech sector in Belgium is well developed and well represented, companies, research centers, accelerators, and incubators form the diverse and innovative financial technology sector.

Belgian fintech companies offer solutions for companies that are looking for treasury optimization, cash management or accounting apps. Banks are also relying to a great extent on the digital solutions provided by these types of companies. Financial institutions are using the available technology to transform, store and use the financial transaction data. While large financial institutions like banks in Belgium are the ones that benefit the most out of the existing fintech solutions, individuals also have access to different mobile apps used to optimize the manner in which finances are treated, including the payment of invoices and the security of files and financial information. 

Fintech companies in Belgium are spread throughout the country, with companies in the Brussels-Capital Region and with a fintech hub in Flanders.

Entrepreneurs in this evolving and innovative field have access to a large community of professionals, Fintech Belgium. Taking part in the community and engaging in networking can be helpful before starting a business in Belgium.

For any questions about the legal aspect concerning the banking law and related financial laws, you can talk to one of the experts at our law firm in Belgium

How to start a Belgian fintech company

Investors who open a fintech company in Belgium need to consider a few key aspects, such as the taxation regime for their company, the accounting and reporting regulations and the Employment Law.

The private limited liability company, or the SPRL/BVBA, is the business entity form commonly chosen by those who open a fintech company. It is particularly suited to small and medium-sized businesses and the assets of the founders are separate from those of the business.

One of our attorneys in Belgium can give you additional information on the requirements for this type of company and other business forms.

You can contact the experts at our Belgian law firm for complete assistance during the business set up process.