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Estate Planning in Belgium

Estate Planning in Belgium

Planning ahead

Estate planning in Belgium is a process that must consider all of the laws for inheritance and the taxation thereof as well as any other specific laws that regard estranged families and spouses with different nationalities. Foreign business owners who live in Belgium and want to leave their affairs in order can start plan the distribution of their assets, anticipate and even reduce costs that may appear over time.

Estate planning uses wills, trusts and powers of attorney so that the wishes of the client can be satisfied according to his or her specific requirements. Our Belgian law firm specializes in family law and can help you with estate planning and wills and living wills. 

Wills and inheritance in Belgium

The inheritance law in Belgium concerns not only those living in the country, but also those that own property in Belgium. This is why it is important to consider estate planning even if you are not a Belgian citizen but are doing business in the country and have acquired certain properties over the years. 

An important part of estate planning in Belgium consists of deciding who will inherit the properties acquired by an individual but it also has another very important side to it: inheritance tax planning and tax minimization. One tax planning option is to choose to donate your possessions. Married couples in Belgium can change their marriage contracts and individuals can also conclude beneficial life insurance policies.

Estate planning can also help sort out certain aspects that will need to be dealt with eventually when the individual passes away. For this purpose, our attorneys in Belgium can help you prepare a living will that can help with issues like medical care in care the person become incapacitated. 

Estate planning lawyers in Belgium 

Estate planners in Belgium need to have expertise in several key legal areas like civil law, inheritance law, tax laws and inheritance tax and others. It is recommended to work with experienced Belgian lawyers in order to be able to settle everything as best as possible for your family. 

The experts at our Belgian law firm can provide complete estate planning services, tailored to your exact specifications.