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Embezzlement Lawyers in Belgium

Embezzlement Lawyers in Belgium

White collar crimes in Belgium

Embezzlement crimes are not uncommon when companies entrust their assets to third parties. This type of fraud occurs when an individual illegally takes property or assets that have been entrusted to him by a Belgian company or by another individual. Embezzlement is considered a white collar crime and our embezzlement lawyers in Belgium treat these types of cases with care are competency. 

Our Belgian law firm can help companies that have been the victim of embezzlement but we can also help individuals who have been wrongfully accused of committing such a crime. Embezzlement cases are complex and usually require the presence of financial experts who can assess documents and ledgers. At our law firm in Belgium we work with trained professionals who do their best to bring forward all the relevant proof.

Embezzlement cases in Belgium

Belgium is an international destination for business and many large companies have opened branches or subsidiaries here. Business owners who have been the victim of embezzlement should seek help immediately and speak to a Belgian lawyer with experience in white collar crime.

A person can be accused of embezzlement if the following conditions are met: the defendant had a financial relationship with the party who is the rightful owner of the assets, he or she gained possession of the assets through a fiduciary relationship, the defendant intended to deprive the owner of his or her assets, and the defendant’s actions were intentional. 

If the defendant returns the property or assets to the rightful owner, he or she is not absolved of the criminal liability.

Seek the help of a professional

If you are the victim of embezzlement, you should commence legal actions against the person who deprived you of your rightful assets. However, a criminal charge will not take place if there is not enough evidence to support the case.

The consequences of embezzlement in Belgium depend on the severity of the crime and such actions can result in imprisonment, probation or parole, fines, loss of the workplace or professional licenses.

Our Belgian law firm offers various legal services and can help you if you are the victim of embezzlement in Belgium. Please contact our attorneys for more detailed information about how we can help you.