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Consumer Law in Belgium

Consumer Law in Belgium

Investors who want to establish a company in Belgium which will provide certain products or services on the Belgian market are required to respect the rules of the Consumer Law, which states what are the rights of the consumers and the obligations of the entities providing those goods on the market. Consumers in Belgium are protected by a set of laws, which are also applicable to persons who travel in this country. Our team of Belgian lawyers can assist both natural persons and legal entities with information on the main stipulations of the consumer law

Consumers in Belgium 

According to the applicable legislation, a consumer in Belgium is entitled to perform several actions when a product bought here does not respect the stipulations under which the given product was sold. The first step is to notify the seller on the issue, regardless of its nature. If the company does not reply, the person should file a written complaint, referring to the purchase, the date of the purchase, the reason for which the complaint is sent, what types of expectations (such as reimbursements) the person has. 

Consumers in Belgium can address to the European Consumer Centre, a body established to inform European citizens on their rights when making a purchase within the EU space; our team of Belgian attorneys can provide further details on the functions of the institution. 

Provisions of the Belgian consumer legislation 

There are many stipulations which regulate the rights and obligations of two parties involved in a particular sale. The Belgian Consumer Protection Act, which was imposed from May 2010, is a document which regulates the relations between a trader and an individual

An important aspect of the Act refers to the distance sales, applicable to Internet, telephone or e-mail sales. The period in which the agreement between the two parties can be annulled was increased under the new law from 7 to 14 days. At the same time, the traders are protected by the Act, in the sense that they are allowed to require a full payment of the purchase price of the product/service. In the situation in which the buyer decides to revoke his or her purchase, the seller can reimburse the payment in a period of 30 days. 

Persons who need further information on the Consumer Law in Belgium can address to our Belgian law firm for assistance.