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Company Management in Belgium

Company Management in Belgium

Owning a company in Belgium 

Belgium is a country that has much to offer to foreign investors. The country has an open economy and its international character is reflected both in business relations and in its multicultural population. 

Company managers in Belgium need to be well accustomed to doing business in an international environment and communicate with customers and partners from other countries.

Belgian companies and specific requirements

Belgium’s stable fiscal policy is one of the most attractive characteristics of the country for foreign investors. Another strong point is Belgium’s skilled workforce. Entrepreneurs interested in opening a company in Belgium need to choose from one of the available types of companies: private limited liability company, public limited liability company, cooperative societies, general or limited partnerships and sole proprietorship. 

Our Belgian lawyers can detail the specific characteristics of each type of company and the general requirements for company managers.

Belgian company management

Belgium is a country divided between two major linguistic regions: the Flemish community (Dutch speaking) and the Walloon community (French speaking). Company managers should be accustomed to doing business with both of the Belgian communities, if the company has branches or subsidiaries throughout Belgium.     

Company managers in Belgium must be skilled and have clear views and goals for the companyCompanies in Belgium are hierarchically structured and decisions taken within the company are characterized by pragmatism. Managers must work well in multi-cultural teams and be adaptable when working with the two Belgian groups, the Fleming and the Walloon, as they have different communication styles.

Company managers and directors in Belgium have specific duties and responsibilities. Any company in Belgium must observe the specific taxation requirements and must have a registered VAT number. Our lawyers in Belgium can guide you through the most important provisions of the Belgian company law and offer assistance and guidance for concluding agreements in Belgium

As part of the decisions that influence the company, managers can also choose to register a company trademark in Belgium.

Please contact our law firm in Belgium for more information and a complete offer for company management services in Belgium.