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Characteristics of a NV Company in Belgium

Characteristics of a NV Company in Belgium

The Belgian Public Limited Company

The NV company is the Belgian equivalent of the public limited company and the abbreviation comes from the Dutch name (naamloze vennootschap). This is a type of company that is mainly preferred by large companies because of the larger incorporation costs. This type of legal entity must have at least two shareholders.

If you want to open a Belgian company and the NV is your chosen type, our attorneys in Belgium can help you with all of the incorporation procedures. 

Key characteristics of the NV

Like in the case of the BVBA company, the liability of the shareholders who are willing to invest in a NV is limited to the value of the contribution. The share capital for a public limited company in Belgium is higher than for other companies. An amount of at least 61,500 € must be fully deposited when the incorporation process starts. When the contributions are made in cash, a bank account must be opened for the company. The contributions for a NV company can also be made in kind.

The founding members will need to draw up the article of association: the official documents of the company that need to be drawn up before a notary in Belgium

The specialists at our Belgian law firm can also help you with the requirements for companies that want to engage in commercial activities. We can help you make the necessary registrations and obtain the VAT number.

Requirements for a Belgian NV

The company founders need to be at least two. Married couples in Belgium can open a NV company if their attributions within the company do not conflict with the matrimonial regime. The board of directors for such a company can be limited to two members, if the company is founded by only two shareholders. In all other cases, the number of company directors must be three. 

public limited company in Belgium will have to comply with various requirements regarding accounting and auditing. Larger companies that want to expand their business and hire employees will need to observe the Belgian employment law.

Economic operators whithin the EU, incorporated as a Belgian NV, will need to register for EORI purposes in order to be able to trade within the EU.

All public limited companies in Belgium pay corporate taxes. For more information about how to open a Belgian company and the incorporation procedure and requirements you can contact our company formation agents in Belgium.