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Articles of Association in Belgium

Articles of Association in Belgium

Incorporation documents for Belgian companies

Any Belgian company needs to draw up Articles of Association which must include certain information about the company and the manner in which certain situations are to be handled within the company. The Articles of Association are legal documents which need to be approved by the shareholder of the company during a shareholder’s meeting. Our Belgian lawyers can offer you complete details about the information contained in the Articles of Association.

Issues contained in a Belgian company’s Articles of Association

Some of the most important issues governed by the Articles of Association of a Belgian company, as well as the basic information contained in these documents are listed below:

  • – the complete name of the company, the address of its registered office;
  • – the business sector in which the company operates;
  • – the names and other identification details of the founders of the company;
  • – information about the Annual General Meeting;
  • – information about the Board of Directors (composition, duties, etc.);
  • – information about the Executive Board (composition, duties, etc.);
  • – the procedure for and situations in which the company’s Articles of Association may be amended.

The company’s share capital is also described in the Articles of Association, as well as the types of shares, the manner in which the maximum share capital can be increased, the acquisition of shares and other provisions. A Belgian company’s share capital varies according to the type of companyPrivate limited liability companies in Belgium require a minimum share capital of at least 1 EUR, while for public limited liability companies the share capital must be approximately 62,000 euros. Our lawyers in Belgium can help you set up a company in Belgium.

Other provisions in Belgian Articles of Association

Belgian company’s Articles of Association can also contain information regarding the financial statements that need to be submitted by the companyTaxation laws in Belgium usually require that the fiscal year is the same as the calendar year and the financial accounts are to be closed on December 31. Our Belgian lawyers can offer you more information about company law in Belgium.

Our law firm in Belgium offers complete company management assistance in Belgium. Please contact us for more information about investing in Belgium