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Applying for Tax Returns in Belgium

Applying for Tax Returns in Belgium

Tax returns in Belgium

Employees and individuals deriving income from Belgium must apply for tax returns in Belgium on a yearly basis. Tax statement forms are released and must be filled in after the end of a tax year for which they apply. Because Belgium is a country with three different regions and more recognized languages, individuals living in various areas will receive their tax returns in the language of the region: Flemish for Flanders or French for Brussels and other areas around it.

The experts at our law firm in Belgium can help you with tax compliance in the country and advise you to the filling method for tax returns.

Income tax returns in Belgium

Personal income tax is deducted in Belgium at the time the employee is paid his or her wage. However, because tax is also deducted from other types of income, the individual must fill in an annual tax return. This applies for pensions, income from rental, maintenance payments and other income derived from a Belgian source.

Individuals receive printed tax forms from the local tax office but they can also choose to fill in their tax declarations online. Non-residents in Belgium have a slightly different taxation regime: they may be allowed a different tax year and they also receive their tax forms from the Tax Authority for Non-Residents. Executives working for a temporary assignment in Belgium can apply for a special expatriate regime.

Married couples in Belgium can file a joint statement, however, their incomes will not be aggregated.

The tax year in Belgium

The tax year is generally the same as the calendar year. Annual tax returns must usually be filled in by the 30th of June in the year following the tax year for which the form is submitted. Self-employed individuals may have to make advance payments, similar to those made by businesses in Belgium.

An representative can help you with tax minimization in Belgium and with additional information about other taxes and tax compliance.

Contact our Belgian law firm for assistance and advice for doing business in Belgium.