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A Guide on Dividends in Belgium

A Guide on Dividends in Belgium

If you are considering diversifying your portfolio, investing in dividends in Belgium can prove to be a safe, quite stable investment which can bring you a steady ROI (return on investment). As follows, our lawyers in Belgium present you with a brief guide on this type of investments in this country.

Short overview of dividends in Belgium

When a business makes profits, it sometimes offers part of this income to its shareholders in the form of dividends. Therefore, a dividend investor is an individual who intends to invest his or her own capital in the stocks of companies what generate a high income. Our Belgian lawyers can provide more details on what these types of investments consist of.

Dividend investments in Belgium and elsewhere represent real cash and are reliable. Because they come from positive cash flow, dividends are generally transparent and trustworthy. If effectuated consistently and wisely, investments in dividends can even offer the possibility to earn great profits.

The most secure way of investing in dividends in Belgium would be to build a portfolio made up of different stocks which give the highest dividends. That is since the bigger the dividend is, the more cash the investor will receive. 

Commonly paid once a year, dividends in Belgium are taxed at a rate of 25%. They are calculated out of the net value of the profits of the company, before corporate and dividend tax

A few facts on the Belgian economy

For the foreign investor interested in Belgian dividends, our attorneys in Belgium firmly believe it is important to know a few facts on the economic stability of the country.

As a founding member of the European Union, Belgium is located in the center of one of the most industrialized areas internationally. The country has a high GNP (gross national product) and a very productive workforce.

Belgium also has a high export per capita (for each individual), which is mostly represented in the chemical, finished diamond, machinery, foodstuff and metal industries. 

The country was the first state from the continental Europe which underwent an industrial revolution during the 19th century. 

Around 80% of the trades in Belgium are with the other EU member states, although it intends to diversify its trade with other states, as well.

For more information on the dividend investments in Belgium, as well as legal advice in other matters, we invite you to contact our Belgian law firm.